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My Canada is a Winter Paradise – Whistler Blackcomb

I was recently tagged by Karin from K and K Adventures  to write about what is “My Canada”. Since we are halfway through winter I want to explore what one might do in Canada when it is -15 degrees outside.  I am also passing on the torch to Meredith Bratland, Always Twirling and a fellow Russian emigre Maria to enlighten us on what is their Canada.

What should a visitor to Canada definitely try to experience? Skate in the Rideau Canal? Party in Montreal? Cliff jump in Muskoka? Well I’m not much of a skater, Jonathan is not really a party animal and I hate jumping off things. One thing that Jonathan and I do agree on is skiing. The best skiing in Canada is in the west coast, period. In fact, it is so good that it will someday make me move to Vancouver just to be closer to the mountains. Don’t even start trying to dissuade me! If you are going to ski in Canada don’t let clever advertising fool you. Skiing in the East Coast is the most unreliable experience you will ever have. A couple of years ago Jonathan and I made a pact that we would never go to Blue Mountain again. Those of you thinking about visiting Canada, stay away from Blue Mountain s’il vous plaît.


Too many mountains are still on my list. I can’t say that Whistler Blackcomb is the best place to ski in Canada, as I haven’t even tried Jasper or Revelstoke. Unlike Jonathan I never even set foot in Banff. So seriously what kind of credibility do I have to call Whistler the best place to ski?  Regardless, this is my Canada and here’s why you should pop by for a visit.


One of the best places to ski in the world is right in my backyard, just 3000 km away from where I am sitting right now. My Canada is…

Making Fresh Lines


On a big mountain you don’t need to race to the chair lift every morning in order to be the first tearing up the snow on the slopes. You wouldn’t have to look very far to go to find untouched snow. The stillness you hear as you glide on white is one of my favorite sounds.

Falling and feeling no pain


Can you spot me?

I love having the meters of insurance underneath me. It means that I can go faster and bigger than I would in the east coast. I guess you could say it would make me a sloppy skier, but abundance of snow makes falling feel so comfortable.

Experiencing snow precipitation of 1 meter in just 3 days


One thing that I will vouch about Whistler Blackcomb is that it gets a lot of precipitation as it is pretty low in elevation. It does mean that occasionally (frequently) it will rain at the bottom, but all that rain means that it is snowing at the top. While we were at Whistler last time it snowed every day. It was just paradise.

Getting snow bombed by trees


Trees become incredibly heavy loaded with snow. There’s always the chance that you will happen to pass under a tree just as it drops its load. If you are feeling particularly mischievous you can even give the tree a little tap as you go by so the snow will fall on your friend. This is something you, visitor to Canada, should definitely do.

Getting lost in pow


I went off a steep part and my ski fell off. I spent about 20 minutes searching for my ski in a space of 2 square meters. Note my skis are bright pink.


I guess a lot of this information deals with snow and for good reason. In Canada, we have to live with long winters every year. Might as well make the most of it right? Why hate something that can provide such an amazing experience? Please come here to experience my Canada.



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'11 Responses to “My Canada is a Winter Paradise – Whistler Blackcomb”'
  1. Maria says:

    Great post! And, erm, my last ski trip was definitely at Blue Mountain, and I will second what you said – especially compared to Whistler, or the great skiing in Quebec, Blue Mountain is a sad excuse for a ski hill. It’s not even a mountain!

    But, wow, those photos look incredible. I haven’t been out to ski at Whistler, but this post really makes me want to go right now (and experience some proper winter, not this mild, damp, grey nonsense we have in Toronto right now).

  2. Jonathan says:

    If you like groomed trails only, Quebec can be okay. If you are very lucky you might have some real snow but often it is just a taller version of the ice you find at Blue. Go out west if you can – there are so many mountains to choose from and chances are, most of them will have good snow.
    The reason for my negativity is we just returned from Jay Peak in Vermont. While fun, the entire mountain was covered in ice and grass was showing in places. The last time I had good snow on the East Coast was 3 years ago.

  3. I don’t ski and I spend a lot of time grumbling about winter – but it might be because snow in the GTA is nowhere near as beautiful as the fresh white snow in your photos – gorgeous pics!

    • Natalia says:

      I grumbled about winter before I started skiing. In Toronto there really isn’t much to do outdoors in the winter, the city becomes very introverted.

      It’s easy to take good pics when you got such gorgeous conditions. 🙂

  4. This looks amazing! I wish I were any good on skis – I went once and ended up rolling down the mountain and losing my poles and skis… Haven’t tried it since, haha

    • Natalia says:

      I’m not good at skis at all. I just roll with the punches. All it takes is courage, which I lack most of the time. Jonathan is just very good at pushing me.

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  6. Last time I went skiing I lost a toenail. True story. (For future reference, the ski hill at Banff only rents up to size 12 boots — mine are 13.) 🙁

  7. Whistler is our favourite place on the planet! Nothing beats a morning a freshies followed by an afternoon of pints in the hot tub! 😉

  8. Alouise says:

    I haven’t been skiing since I was a kid, but being from Alberta I know lot’s of people who look forward to skiing and snowboarding in the rockies each year.

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