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The Road to the Final
May 9th, 2013Guest Post, InterestsNatalia 0 Comments


It's almost time for the final of the UEFA Championship Leagues. Even though it can be hard for me to get into the competition it is always fun to watch Football players battle it out for a chance to win. Before you know it you will be rooting for a team all the way on their Road to the Final. I have the worst luck with “my team”. I have never had a team I like take it all the way to the finals. Well no, that’s not true! It’s actually way worse. The teams I root for always have a tendency to  give it all they got and make it to the finals and then get crushed by a team I absolutely cannot stand. It makes me so mad! Ah, c’est la vie! What can you do, other than sulk and enjoy exhilarating television and cold beer.


Heineken recently launched a very cool video marketing campaign which you can see below. In the video there is one lucky fan who receives a ticket to the UEFA Champions League Final. He should be happy right? Unfortunately he’s on the other side of the world and he has to race against time to get to the other side of the world in order to see the competition up close and personal. Wouldn’t you hate to miss out on an amazing opportunity just because of your geographical location? I feel like that almost every week so it’s great to see someone use their resourcefulness and imagination to make it to their dream, even if this is obviously not reality it doesn’t hurt to dream a little.


Enjoy the video and stick around to play a fun game of beer pinball. 


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