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River Climbing in Cebu – Moalboal, Philippines
January 14th, 2013Asia, Destinations, PhilippinesNatalia 3 Comments

The morning after we arrived in the Cebu, Philippines we were really excited to go diving, but the waves were huge and the clouds were heavy. Luckily that day the adventure company at our hotel had a river climbing tour scheduled, we signed up 20 minutes before the bus was set to leave. Don’t you love last minute ideas? Less than 12 hours ago I was on a plane not even realizing what fun awaited me in the morning.

2012-02-12-11h59m12 J

Before we submerged into water. Jon was smart (or not) enough to wear sandals. My running shoes were soaked for 2 days.


The tour was supposed to take half the day and we would be climbing up the Matutinau River. We really did get our money’s worth that day and it was so nice to actually do something fun and very challenging. The current in some parts was very strong, rocks were slippery but overall it was really nice to get cooled off in the river in hot, hot Philippines.

2012-02-12-13h12m33 J

As we climbed up, the current got stronger and I got more tired.

2012-02-12-13h49m19 J

Jonathan took the hardest routes and rocked his leather sandals.

2012-02-12-13h43m29 J

The combination of cold river and wet clothes actually made me shiver in 30 degree heat.



At one point we were supposed to go through a little cave where the falls and the current was particularly strong. A few people were struggling ahead of us so I had to hold on to the rocks above for a little longer. I waited for so long that my arms started to stiffen up and when it was my turn to go I almost didn’t make it. For about half a second the fight against the slippery rocks and the waterfall seemed like it was going to be the end of me. Thankfully, one of the guides was able to assist me and I live to tell the tale.

2012-02-12-13h23m12 J

I didn’t smile for much longer after this picture was taken. My fingers slipped from the rock wall and I almost backtracked out of the cave.


After about 3 hours of getting through the river, we climbed up a little hill and were greeted by a feast, as were the mosquitoes. The dogs were also pretty excited by our scraps. We also realized our waterproof bag is not meant to be submerged into water and under waterfalls so our cash was soaked through. We definitely need better gear for the next river climbing adventure.

River climbing in Cebu turned into a really fun alternative to diving and I would do it again in a heartbeat. The adventure company also offers a canyoning trip that thankfully we didn’t get a chance to do. My fear of heights can be taken care of another day.


2012-02-12-16h02m18 J

Sadly, all good things come to an end and we had to take the pimp mobile back to the hotel.



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  1. Kristin says:

    Which company did you go with for this trip?

  2. Emelie says:


    may i know if this is in Kawasan falls? or there is another falls in Moalboal ? sorry i just got confused .. we went to kawasan falls last 2001 so its really a long time ago already.
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