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Peru – The Empire of Hidden Treasures
July 8th, 2013Guest Post, InterestsNatalia 0 Comments

Having travelled extensively throughout Asia, Europe and North America, I still have yet to venture out down to South America. It is still in my dreams and not my memories that I hike the Inca Trail in the mountains and see and experience the magnificent Machu Pichu. Peru remains at the top of my list in countries in South America for many reasons. I haven’t been to Peru or studied it extensively so when I initially thought about Peru only a few things come to mind. Machu Pichu, the Inca Empire and (embarrassingly for me) Llamas.

Peru is so much more than it’s history and the domesticated camelids. Aside from the rich historical beauty and it’s world heritage sights,  it is a muticultural country of incomparable cuisine. Not only is Peru the perfect place to support the rich gastronomy it offers to the plate,  it has over 40,000 restaurants that perfectly reflect the richness of Peruvian culture and its diversity.  Its history and civilization has left much insipiration on its current progress. Peru has one of the world’s fastest growing economies due to the boom it has been experiencing in the past 10 years. A traveller to Peru no longer has the option to just explore the ancient history of the region but to indulge in the latest world of luxury and retreat. It is now a place where a traveller easily indulge in world class services while experiencing the rich Peruvian culture.

Marca Peru is now informing travellers of the wonderful array of experiences you can encounter in your time in Peru. See yourself the diversity of experiences you can have during your time in Peru.

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