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A Visit to the Penis Park – Haesindang Park, Gangwon-do, Korea

This is a story of how a beautiful young virgin almost ruined the entire fishing industry of a small Korean village. The young girl was swept away by the sea just beyond the reach of her lover’s fingertips. Little did the townspeople know that a curse was bestowed upon their tiny village.  The fishermen came back empty-handed day after day, the people became hungrier as their delusion began to set in. The confusion caused by hunger and hardship made a young fisherman masturbate right into the sea. The seed of the fisherman revived the fish ecology and once again there was seafood at the dinner table.  The connection was made and the townsfolk agreed that the only way to calm the spirit of an angry virgin is with the placement of large phallic statues along the shore.

2012-05-26 09.35.51

There are no happy endings in this story.

What does this story mean for travelers? Penises. Lots and lots of penises in a tiny village in the south of Gangwon province. The highlights include the penis zodiak, a circle of masturbating fishermen and, of course, the penis cannon. I personally think the penis cannon is the best artillery against angry unconsummated spirits.

2012-05-26 09.18.31

There’s no end in sight to all this wood.


2012-05-26 08.53.21

Is this a taste of things to come?

You can reach the infamous Penis Park by taking a bus to Samcheok and then taking the intercity bus. We, of course, scootered 5 hours from Busan. With sore butts we enjoyed the sunshine and dancing reflections of the phallus. The funniest sight was of little old ladies analyzing the engravings on the short stumps. I also loved the parents that brought along their entire families to the park. I wonder if a park filled with bronze mammary glands would be deemed inappropriate in Korea. It is probably a little bit more difficult to derive a fish related folktale with breasts.

2012-05-26 09.19.31

Definitely don’t give this guy a mirror, he’ll explode with horror.

2012-05-26 09.12.16

No need for a magnifying glass here.

Where is the Penis Park?

The Penis Park is located about 20km south of Samcheok. You can find it right over here. Its coordinates are 37.272328,129.32335.

How do I get to the mysterious horde of wooden phallus? 

If you are coming from Busan, take the 6:22am bus from Dongbu Intercity Terminal to Samcheok. You’ll be on the bus for over four hours. From Samcheok Intercity Bus Terminal take bus #24 which conveniently runs 11 times a day.

From Seoul you have two options. You can either take one of the 9 buses from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal or one of the many from the Seoul Express City Terminal. The journey should take you just under four hours.  Please check the bus schedule for other options. You can also scoot or drive up here as the park is conveniently on highway 7.

2012-05-26 09.22.59

Full salute and always ready to set off.

Is it true you can see the penis statues from space? 

Umm..Probably not? Check to make sure everyone has their zipper done up on the spacecraft before making such silly assumptions.

2012-05-26 09.42.23

Labour of love…for the fish.


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'10 Responses to “A Visit to the Penis Park – Haesindang Park, Gangwon-do, Korea”'
  1. Agness says:

    Hilarious name I must admit, but it looks like a charming place. I’m hoping to make it to Korea soon :)))
    Agness recently posted…Magnificent Scenery of Fenghuang Plus Tips on How to Explore It (My Profile

    • Natalia says:

      It is actually quite beautiful, the scenery and the setting that is. There’s also a very large cave near by which is worth visiting. I’ve never seen so many LEDs in one place as that cave.

  2. Laurie says:

    Amazing, hilarious post! I had no idea such a place existed anywhere in the world. And, well, now I need to go here.
    Laurie recently posted…Top 10 Luxury Hotels in PortoMy Profile

  3. Gotta love people and their obsessions with penises. I just did a post on the penis museum in Reykjavik.
    Colleen Brynn recently posted…Mongolian Grub: The Good, The Bad & The VERY BadMy Profile

  4. Jonny Blair says:

    Hilarious post guys!! Asians are quite shy about sex and topics like this. I remember hiking penis and vagina rock in Danxiashan in China and had to put up with a load of Chinese teenagers giggling at the sight of a natural rock, which is the shape of an erect willy. Safe travels. Jonny
    Jonny Blair recently posted…Book Review: How to Live A Life of Travel By Derek Earl BaronMy Profile

  5. DocJim says:

    Hopefully all those phalluses remind a guy, “Hey, I better keep my own healthy!” More guys need to regularly use a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) in order to address common issues such as dry/flaky skin, loss of sensation, persistent odor, etc.

  6. Henry wilborn says:

    I had to google it to believe it wow

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