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Welcome to China – First Week in Shanghai
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Always Trekking

In search of thrills - sometimes it can mean slapping rambunctious monkeys or being chased by a snow storm in the Rockies on a bike. We are trying to explore the commonly overlooked corners of the world before they are taken over by franchises, smog and chainsaws.

Welcome to China – First Week in Shanghai
September 8th, 2013Asia, China, Destinations, Most ReadNatalia 9 Comments

So, we actually did it. We packed our bikes, desktop computers, threw in some clothes into a suitcase and moved across the world. Why? I’m not so sure. I mean, we’ve done it before and  we were kind of bored back home. Also, I really want to see some pandas and be closer to India […]

Good news! We’re moving to…..
August 21st, 2013Adventures, Asia, DestinationsNatalia 4 Comments

Shanghai!   We have been toying with the idea of moving since a month after we came back from Korea. Jonathan recently received a pretty sweet job offer and we couldn’t resist an opportunity to live and work in an exciting place. We’re packing our bikes, our computers, our backpacks and suitcases and heading to China […]

A Visit to the Penis Park – Haesindang Park, Gangwon-do, Korea

This is a story of how a beautiful young virgin almost ruined the entire fishing industry of a small Korean village. The young girl was swept away by the sea just beyond the reach of her lover’s fingertips. Little did the townspeople know that a curse was bestowed upon their tiny village.  The fishermen came back […]

August Adventures at Killbear Provincial Park – Ontario, Canada

July 2013 wasn’t a warm one for Southern Ontario and Lake Huron/Georgian Bay surrounding Killbear Provincial Park did not warm up at all. Aside from the cold water we had great weather and we found plenty of things to do while keeping dry. We had about 25 people booked for a group campsite which is much better […]

Mountain biking in Toronto – Don Valley Video

  I spent the better part of the past 12 years riding on my mountain bike in the Don Valley. I was  unhappy with the Don Valley mountain biking videos I’ve seen on YouTube so I set out to make my own. The Don Valley trails are built by other riding aficionados and more recently […]

Should I Stay or Should I Go? – Living Abroad
July 15th, 2013Adventures, Asia, DestinationsNatalia 4 Comments

Jonathan and I returned from our amazing year in Korea almost a year ago. After all these months we still cannot figure out what to do with our lives. Should we go away again? Should we stay here and build a life? Should we just move to BC? Our year in Korea was so carefree […]

Peru – The Empire of Hidden Treasures
July 8th, 2013Guest Post, InterestsNatalia 0 Comments

Having travelled extensively throughout Asia, Europe and North America, I still have yet to venture out down to South America. It is still in my dreams and not my memories that I hike the Inca Trail in the mountains and see and experience the magnificent Machu Pichu. Peru remains at the top of my list […]

Commuting on Two Wheels – Toronto vs Busan

Summer is upon us yet again and with its return I am reminded of last summer and the fun I had exploring various countries by motorbike, bicycle and by foot. Although I wish I could perpetually travel I also have other things I want to do which keep me working. Ultimate Frisbee and mountain biking in the Don […]

Rome – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I was lucky enough to spend a week in Rome courtesy of my mother. She thought I needed a break and took me away for a week. I haven’t traveled in Europe for over four years. In fact, I haven’t really traveled to a popular Western tourist destination in quite a while and I was in […]

The Longest Two Days of My Life – Bolivian Rainforest to Lima, Peru

This story goes back a few years to before a new highway replaced the “death road” from La Paz to Coroico. I was traveling with my mum through Peru and Bolivia and our trip was winding down in Bolivia. We had a few days left and just had to make it to the Bolivian rainforest to […]

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