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Diving with the Big Guys – Tofo, Mozambique
April 25th, 2013Guest Post, InterestsNatalia 7 Comments

Today’s guest post comes from a true nomad, Justin, who started traveling full time 3 years ago and he just didn’t get around to stopping.  To read his stories and look through pictures of 51 countries, check out his blog True Nomads. I’m incredibly jealous of his diving experience in Mozambique. That was his first time diving and he was already hanging out with mantas and whale sharks. On my first dive I hung out with Soju bottles and truck tires! Okay, rant over! Here it is, diving in Mozambique.

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What made you decide to get certified in diving in Mozambique?

Well at the time I was backpacking Southern Africa, and when I was in Zambia, I really wanted to get some diving in before I went more north. My options were either the coast of Mozambique or Lake Malawi. I chose to go to both, so I hit the southern most option first, Mozambique. Since I had my eye on some diving, all I had been hearing from other backpackers was that I had to head to Tofo to see whale sharks and giant mantas.


How popular is diving in Tofo? 

That’s a tough one. I would say that Tofo is only really popular with biologists studying mantas and whale sharks. That and vacationing South Africans. There aren’t many great dive spots in SA, unless you have a wetsuit, so Tofo is to South Africans, as Cancun is to Americans. Besides that, Mozambique is so far from ANYWHERE, that only backpackers really go. I think it was about 24 hours of flying from Colorado, plus 8 hour layover and that was just to Johannesburg.


How big is the diving community?
The dive community isn’t huge, but neither is the area. On the other hand, the diving sustains the whole area’s economy, since there is not a whole lot of other things bringing in tourists. There are 4 or 5 dive shops in Tofo and on top of that I attended a few seminars put on by the Marine Biologists who are in the area long term, studying the giant manta rays and whale sharks. Evidently this area is one of the best to observe both and that’s why they are there. For a fee they even take people out to tag the whale sharks. It’s awesome.
What are the Tofo dive locations known for? 
Well, I would say the diving is really low on the difficulty scale. It is relatively shallow, and very sandy without much current. Since the area is known for it’s big marine fish, like whale sharks, the water is a little murky, which, as you know, is caused by the plankton that attracts the big guys in the first place. So it isn’t first class when it comes to coral or small marine life or visibility, but that said, I actually did see a ton of cool stuff like mantis shrimp, turtles, scorpion, lionfish, and all the regular stuff. It might be a little better for the small stuff farther north at Lake Malawi, with its neon and glowing Cichlids, but I would personally rather swim with a couple big fish than a million little ones.
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'7 Responses to “Diving with the Big Guys – Tofo, Mozambique”'
  1. Agness says:

    I dived once in Egypt, it was such a great experience although I’m so afraid of the water. Justin, you rock and I’m so jealous of your diving. It’s just unreal.
    Agness recently posted…Ko Phi Phi, Thailand for Less than $25My Profile

  2. Suzy says:

    Justin certainly sounds like quite the diver! I really would like to get into it. It’s just remarkable all the life under the sea and in different parts of the world.
    Suzy recently posted…Travel on Hold: When Life Gets in the Way of Wandering PrioritiesMy Profile

  3. Jonathan says:

    I dove in Dahab, Egypt. I remember needing extra weights from the high salinity and TONS of lionfish. They were shore dives so we just took a pickup truck to the site. Pretty fun for a change.
    Jonathan recently posted…Preparing for a Bicycle TourMy Profile

  4. Oh wow gorgeous underwater shots, the ray is my favourite!
    Becky Padmore recently posted…15 of the prettiest villages in Europe for travel snobsMy Profile

  5. Tiana Kai says:

    Wow, so awesome. I really love diving and unfortunately have not done it in a few years. I got my license in Sharm El Sheik and was blown away by the sea life… making it really hard to replicate the experience off the reefs of Florida or the Caribbean.
    Tiana Kai recently posted…Calcio Storico in Florence, a death matchMy Profile

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