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August Adventures at Killbear Provincial Park – Ontario, Canada

July 2013 wasn’t a warm one for Southern Ontario and Lake Huron/Georgian Bay surrounding Killbear Provincial Park did not warm up at all. Aside from the cold water we had great weather and we found plenty of things to do while keeping dry. We had about 25 people booked for a group campsite which is much better than being in the regular campsite areas. The group campsites are far apart and very close to your own stretch of water.

The late summer camping weekend of 2013 was essentially filled with throwing rocks into water, taking pictures of the stars and drunkenly creating torches to prove that it’s not as easy as shown in movies, but it sure is fun. That, and a lot of drinking/drinking games! There is not too much more to say about the weekend so enjoy the photographs taken at the Killbear Provincial Park.










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