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Interview with K and K Adventures
January 19th, 2013Guest Post, InterestsNatalia 0 Comments

Where are you from? What do you miss about home the most?

I was born in Oxford, UK, but my parents are both from South Africa with Dutch/German backgrounds. With family all over I traveled a lot from a young age and see my ‘home’ as many places, but I guess for the purpose of this blog we’ll say home is England. I miss the accents, the food (curry mostly, as there is not as wide a selection in Toronto), the culture and beauty of the old buildings and architecture. Toronto can be a bit bland in comparison to London.

What are the biggest differences between life in England and in Canada for you?

Life in England was actually harder. I was in University, and then when I graduated there were very few jobs available, I would have had to travel into London to get a decent job, and then $6000 a year worth of my salary would have gone straight to train fare. People in Canada think that transport here costs a lot, well they should visit London for a day! Other differences are probably more subtle, people are friendlier, more accepting of other cultures. People in Canada seem to worry less about things like money, and the weather. The way people in England scrutinize the cost of bread and moan about every single rain cloud really pissed me off!

Kieran and Karin in Antigua

Kieran and Karin in Antigua

Do you ever become nostalgic about home? How do you deal with it?

I do, but mostly for the little things like having baked beans on toast for lunch, or being able to buy alcohol for cheap in supermarkets (seriously Ontario, what’s up with your ridiculous laws?!) When I feel sad about missing friends and family I either just call them, or go and talk to Kieran about it, because he generally understands.

What was your favorite travel destination?

Of all the traveling I’ve done, my favourite destination will always be South Africa. I spent a lot of time there as a kid and have a lot of family there still. I would love to go back there with Kieran, do a safari, drive from Cape Town to Johannesburg, cage dive with sharks and go to where my parents were brought up.

You travelled in South East Asia for 3 months with just 2 suitcases between you and Kieran. What were the biggest challenges to be on the road for that long?

Actually it was just 1 suitcase and an empty carry on/backpack, which we filled with clothes and souvenirs. We probably tried to squeeze in too much. Our plan of action was just to pick a bunch of places and spend a few days in each, when really we should have moved about less. Our other main challenge was that I spent 3 weeks wishing we could get to the beach (Thailand) more quickly, and then when we got there, was totally bored out of my mind, and probably drove Kieran crazy by not having enough to do. I also think we should have planned out more of our blog articles first, because writing about it when we came back has been really hard.

What is on your top 5 destination list right now?

Morocco, Peru, Antarctic, Galapagos and Yellowstone National Park.

Do you have any travel related new year’s resolutions?

YES! Both mine and Kieran’s resolution is to travel outside of Ontario. So far in the year that we’ve been here we’ve seen a lot of Ontario, but haven’t yet left. We have decided we need to do that, and 2013 is the year to do it!




Karin is one half of the K and K Adventures blog. She and her boyfriend, Kieran, are British expats living it up in Toronto. By day Karin turns internet marketing ideas into gold and by night she cooks Indian, works on her blog and tries to sneak a kitten into her apartment. For all her help and ideas, I proclaimed Karin as my travel blog and social media mentor. She is currently working on her second site Karin Erica where she writes about marketing for bloggers, tall styles and all awesome things related to Karin.


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