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Hot Day of Biking in Muskoka

Cycling in Muskoka on a nice day in May should be decently cool right? Nope! It was freakishly hot! No amount of omelets or orange juice could have really prepared us for this day. Today ended to be one of the hottest days we have ever biked in.  Don’t get me wrong, Ontario cottage country is incredibly beautiful and peaceful (as peaceful as biking on the side of the only highway in region can be) but hell, it was HOT!


We steadily passed by quiet towns and slowly began to venture worth deeper in Muskoka. You could definitely feel you were in Cottage country even if you had no idea where you were. There were Ontario Tourism signs, restaurant billboards, cottage rentals almost everywhere. As we biked further the Canadian Shield become more and more prominent. Our first part of the day was on quiet country roads, that changed quickly as we made our way onto the highway. The shoulder was patchy at best, so when we heard a truck in the distance we braced ourselves on our bikes.





Our pit stop was at Gravenhurst, it took way too long and the food was overpriced and meh. Sorry Sunset Grill. We passed through majority of Toronto’s Cottage Country trying to satisfy our thirst. We stopped at every opportunity to grab a cold one. Milk is my weapon of choice, strawberry milk would have been amazing but chocolate milk did the justice. Mmm..banana milk. Uhh, where was I?

We finally got our sore and aching butts to Parry Sound.  Good ol’ DQ was our dinner, because really there weren’t too many great options in town.  We were so close to grabbing a motel room because it was so tremendously hot but we ended up finding a campground. Jonathan looked it up on Google Maps previously and because he has a GPS in his head he was able to find it. We asked about 4 people in town about this mysterious campground, nobody had any idea what we were talking about.

Thanks to Jonathan head GPS we found a dirt path to what looked like serial killer’s backyard. We passed by the main entrance booth, but nobody was there. Stood around for 2 minutes and decided to pay in the morning.  As we cycled farther and farther on a touring tires in the dirt path we began to pass by RVs and Camper Vans. We found a spot! Well kind of, there was a camper van in it but nobody was inside so it was totally cool to camp on their site. I really wanted to camp legitimately, stealth camping on someone else’s “property” was not our fault.


Jonathan ended his day of biking in unseasonably hot May weather by dunking himself in the lake off our campsite. I was a wuss and I regret it! Kids, always go into the lake in Muskoka. No matter what season!

In the end we cycled 148 km that day from Lagoon City to Parry Sound. The average temperature was 30 degrees.


To learn more about my night of terrors in stealth camping for the 1st time you will need to read Night of Horrors in Ontario Cottage Country.



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