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Destination Wedding on a Budget

What’s the average cost of a wedding nowadays? Judging by hearsay evidence and online articles, couples are now spending $30,000 on one day of festivities. Apparently everyone getting married is super rich or doesn’t mind massive debt. Do wedding venues offer financing? Anyway, we’re not rich, nor do we care about weddings that much, so spending that much money was never an option. We looked into wedding venues around the GTA, but they were all so boring, so ordinary. It just seemed like such a waste of money for just one party. Also, it just didn’t feel like it was for us.

The Groom’s Dream Wedding 

After being let down by wedding venues in Ontario, I gave up. I didn’t care enough. I mean, the engagement was spectacular, nothing could really top that. I never really dreamed about my wedding day. Weddings are just so boring to me, that it wasn’t worth the effort to plan nor spend money. Thankfully, the groom had grandiose wedding ideas. He wanted to exchange vows heli-skiing, or jumping off a mountain paragliding, or maybe cat skiing, or snowmobiling. I am hoping that you are now noticing a pattern in his line of thinking. On the wedding day, there had to be snow and mountains and the wedding party had to ski down the mountain in their wedding attire. So there was our wedding, in the mountains in BC. We were getting married in Revelstoke, BC


We booked a cabin for 5 days in Revelstoke to entice at least a few people to come out to BC. This wedding already seemed like a ploy to get our friends out west for a ski trip. I booked a restaurant for the wedding reception, found a dress. That was the extent of my efforts. Do I win the award for laziest bride in the world? I aimlessly looked online for an officiant and a wedding venue, giving up after 30 minutes. Up until 2 weeks before we were set to depart we didn’t have a venue to do the ceremony. We had a few options but nothing was booked. Thankfully the groom took care of all that. My mother-in-law found someone in Revelstoke to make the wedding cake. My mother found someone to do my hair and make up. While I sat around and pondered on how difficult it is to plan a destination wedding.



The Big Day

Slowly, all the pieces fell into their proper place. Jonathan decided we’d be saying our vows outside and the Rockford Grill even let us use their patio for the ceremony for free. We even were able to secure a photographer the day before the wedding day. Professional photographers cost an arm and a leg so we had a friend living in Revelstoke ask someone he knew to take pictures of the ceremony and our ski run. Jonathan can edit photos well enough and this friend is experienced taking skiing photos. A small town with lots to offer attracts a lot of talented people, which is probably why we were able to find a baker, stylist, a French restaurant and a photographer in the middle of nowhere. Just when I thought, our luck had to run out, the sun came out all day of the wedding day. Sunny weather is a bit of a rarity in Revelstoke in the winter. We took our luck in stride and used “the golden hour” to take pictures skiing in our swag down the mountain. Yes, I was freezing my bits off, but the results make it all worth it.





The Verdict

In the end, we ended up spending less money on a 10 day ski/wedding trip than we would have spent on one night for a 50 guest wedding in Ontario. We had an amazing time with our friends and family in a cabin in the mountains. It was all worth it to not have control of the wedding and let the groom realize his dreams a little. I really enjoyed the small company of close friends and not having dozens of people that I barely know. The groom even had his dreams of snowmobiling fulfilled; we spent New Years day on Frisby mountain goofing around and doing jumps. It was a winter wedding success.


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  1. Karin ronde says:

    amazing photos, wish I could have been there, but it was great sharing all the plans leading upto it and our FaceBook call on your big day. Glad it was everything you both wanted and glad you didn’t get frostbite 🙂 xx

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