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New Cycling Adventure

It’s been a “fun” few weeks.

A few not-so-fun cycling adventures in China made us decide that our initial plans to cycle Shanghai to Hanoi were dusted. To reward ourselves for living in China for 9 months we decided to ride our bikes in a place where food is fucking delicious, where one can camp anywhere or stay in any hotel and where cycling is not a life threatening activity. We are about to set off for a trip that I have been dreaming about since I started touring. We are about to go 3500 km across Europe, London to Athens. Itinerary may change but our rough plan looks like this.


So come back here as we will be updating this page as often as we can. We will keep you posted. Wish us luck!

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'One Response to “New Cycling Adventure”'
  1. Oh no. Why is biking in China a life-threatening activity?

    Man this is the life I would like to have.

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