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Cycling Across Europe

It’s an understatement to say that I’ve been absent from my blog lately. I’m too embarrassed to even look when I wrote my last blog post. A lot of things have happened since the blog has been updated. I left China, breathed fresh air in Canada, cycled from London to Rome, started a new job in Toronto, got married in Revelstoke. Still this is not an excuse to stop writing.

I guess I’ll start at the most pleasant thing from last summer. Jonathan and I packed our bikes, flew to London and proceeded to cycle 2200km down to Rome. To say the least, it was an incredible experience. I will write about it in more detail later on, but first here is a little video that Jonathan jam-packed with information. During the trip, our elevation, speed, GPS coordinates were tracked. While editing the video Jonathan used DashWare to overlay all that nifty data onto the screen. I think he could have added even more data, like temperature. Come on, Jonathan!

2200 km, 20 days, 4 countries, 4 mountain passes. Here’s what it looks like!

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