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Motorbiking Around Coron and Busuanga – Palawan, Philippines

Traveling through Philippines was one of my favorite experiences. It is an incredible country where there is something for any traveler. I’m very saddened to see the devastation that the recent typhoon has caused to such a wonderful place. Having been in Negros months after a typhoon and an earthquake hit, I saw first hand the damage that can be caused.  This time there is a lot of international attention to the crisis in the country and I hope that because of that the people of Philippines will receive the help that they so desperately need.

2012-02-26-14h02m40 N

The recent events reminded of a great time I had in the Philippines and I wanted to finally write my fourth installment of motorbiking in the Philippines. This time in Coron and Busuanga, Palawan. Just like the previous motorbiking journeys in Cebu, Bohol and Negros, our one day motorbiking adventure did not lack in the ridiculous. The roads on the island of Coron are not paved and at times become single tracks. The haggard road conditions did not stop us from making a very dusty 50km loop around the island.  Naturally, our day began with gassing up on Pepsi grade gasoline for our motorbikes.  The neck of my bottle broke off right into my gas tank, oops. The dust adventure was then kickstarted by Jonathan jumping my bike from the end of the paved path and almost eating shit.

2012-02-26-10h51m36 K2

Jonathan looking pretty confident.


2012-02-26-10h51m36 K3

That confidence caused him to jump way too high.



2012-02-26-12h59m38 N

Kris’s swirling head technique.


2012-02-26-13h01m10 N

Jonathan poured gasoline until he also decided to swirl it. That’s how the locals do it.

Since we were covered head to toe with sand and dust, our initial goal was to find a nice quiet beach and spend a few hours there cooling off. We eventually found a beach but the water was hotter than the air around us. It was in some sort of a weird cove that collected a lot of seaweed and warmth. Our short lived swim was definitely not the highlight of the day.

2012-02-26-15h49m10 N

The beauty of traveling in the Philippines is that everybody speaks English. In the times that we got lost finding our way wasn’t difficult. Kris somehow managed to get a flat tire on his bike and had to bike 5km on it before he was able to find the tire changing specialist in one of the towns along the road.

2012-02-26-14h55m02 K

We were able to return back right before dark, completely spent but instead of going back to the hotel room I was dragged against my will to a hot spring. I’ve never been to a hot spring before and this one was all sorts of wonderful. It was our last night on the archipelago and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend way than floating in a hot spring with friends and gazing at the stars in the sky.

2012-02-26-18h16m46 N



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  1. Agness says:

    We cycled the full length of Vietnam so I know what you mean guys. It’s a great way to experience the real local life on the cheap. The area you were motorbiking though looks really nice and beautiful! Great adventure!
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