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Commuting on Two Wheels – Toronto vs Busan

Summer is upon us yet again and with its return I am reminded of last summer and the fun I had exploring various countries by motorbike, bicycle and by foot. Although I wish I could perpetually travel I also have other things I want to do which keep me working. Ultimate Frisbee and mountain biking in the Don Valley are two things which keep me pretty happy in Toronto. Commuting by bike is another. In fact, I prefer the speed and ease of cycling so much more than the hassles of transit that Natalia and I brought our bikes from Canada to Korea and back. The following video showcases my two bicycle commutes which often involves tight squeezes and speedy descents. I threw in my motorbike commute in Busan for good measure. Each is sped up to end at the same time (and to keep you entertained through the boring bits).

  1. Top left is my commute from our home in Busan to the school where I taught English (way up a long hill).
  2. Bottom centre is the same commute but from the school to our home by motorbike (through a tunnel instead of around the mountain).
  3. Top right is my commute in Toronto from the academy where I teach back to my new home (I lucked out with a nice commute through quiet streets, parks and a cemetery).

A little warning: driving a motorbike or even a bicycle like this your first time out is probably a really bad idea. Also, you should get to know traffic in your location before going at it. In Korea it is quite normal to drive a motorbike (and similarly, though less commonly, a bicycle) as I do in the video. In fact, I would say I am a great deal tamer than many others (like those with 4 people on one motorbike swerving side to side, or the duo I saw switch drivers while moving above 60kph down a busy road). With that said, I have a lot of fun going to countries where I can do this and I ride with a margin of error.
Switch to 1080 full screen of course.

Why not reply with a little blurb explaining what your commute is like?


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