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7 Reasons Why Living in the Suburbs is a Punishment
January 6th, 2013Interests, Top 10 ListsNatalia 4 Comments

Living in the suburbs is not as easy and convenient as many may think. I know that many people prefer it to living in the city but honestly for me it is the bane of my¬†existence¬†. I have been reduced to a life in the suburbs right after coming back to Canada from Korea. My […]

Top 10 Strangest Things in Korea

Korea torpedoed to where it stands today in just about 40 years. It was almost on par with North Korea in development and economy until the late 80s. While I lived there, it seemed to me that Korea was almost stuck between tradition and modernization, not knowing whether to slow down or to accept the […]

Top 3 Recommended Detours – Cycling Across Korea

While not the most exciting read, this is meant for those who are planning to use the cross-Korea cycling route on the 4-rivers trail from Seoul to Busan. On the whole, the trail is entertaining and great to do with friends since you’re not stuck to busy roads nor do you need superior navigation skills. […]

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