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What The Hell is Numbing Spice?

As Jonathan and I walked down to the Wenshu Temple in Chengdu we saw alluring pancakes being fried on the street. Usually we steer away from street food but they looked so appealing. What the hell, let’s grab a couple! They sizzled so beautifully on the wok. I only could imagine how divine they could […]

Mistakes I Have Learnt From While Traveling in Asia

Mistakes happen in all the time, but they can pack a punch when you’re on the road. I made a few bad mistakes while traveling in Asia, some of them could have been prevented and others were just stupid. It is very important for me to learn from my mistakes and if I commit them again, shame on me.  Without further ado, here […]

Dak Galbi – Spicy Korean Chicken Fried Rice
March 17th, 2013Food, InterestsNatalia 6 Comments

I can make you three guarantees about going out for food in Korea. You will stuff yourself, you will leave the restaurant blasted and you won’t believe that you only paid 10,000 Won per person. While in Korea we discovered the most satisfying of comfort foods – Dak Galbi fried rice. It is a very […]

Homemade Pizza
March 14th, 2013Food, InterestsNatalia 0 Comments

I love making homemade pizza from scratch. Making the dough is part of the fun and if I buy pre-made dough I might as well order from Pizza Hut. When I make pizza it’s like a little celebration, I have to plan in advance and get into the pizza making mindset. I won’t tell you […]

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