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The Deserted Casaroro Falls – Dumaguete, Negros, Philippines

Feeling rested and extra pumped after an awesome day of riding to Twin Lakes, our team ventured to the next sight Dumaguete had to offer. This time I got a nice break as there was actually a paved road most of the 10 km ride to the Casaroro falls.

2012-02-16-09h24m37 N


2012-02-16-09h58m32 N

Due to the recent Typhoonquake not much of bridges remained at all. Again we had the whole park to ourselves! I’m not even exactly sure if we were allowed to go into the park that day. The walkway in the park was completely obliterated so we hopped through rocks and dug through water to reach the giant Casaroro Falls.

2012-02-16-10h04m39 N

2012-02-16-10h07m10 N Stitch

2012-02-16-10h17m18 K Stitch

Casaroro Falls is a monster waterfall and it was a beautiful sight to be alone in the canyon with just the river and 3 friends. Jonathan and Colin didn’t think twice and decided that it was time to to turn the river into a slide. Again, who knows if we were allowed to do that but nobody was there to stop us. Perfect!

2012-02-16-10h54m58 K


2012-02-16-10h45m40 N

On the way out of Casaroro Falls we turned a corner to see a tree falling down. We were warned to stop by some village locals because they were cutting down some massive coconut trees. Colin and Kris jumped at the chance and helped the locals pulled down a coconut tree. In return for our efforts they gave us all of the coconuts. We kept saying no while holding four coconuts each but they just kept giving us more and more.

2012-02-16-12h03m03 N 2

2012-02-16-11h42m43 N

It was then time to put a halt to our cruising on 6 dollar motorbikes and return them to their rightful owners. Kris got his haggard Ontario health card back and it was time to catch our ferry to our next destination.

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